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All My Fantasy Children

Aug 17, 2018

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

We are BACK! 

Lets celebrate 2 years of All My Fantasy Children by answering the questions submitted by Jr Wizards like you!


What did you get Sam Gourd for his birthday?

Jun 19, 2018

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, with a prompt from @Nitai_Dasa, Jeff and Aaron dive into what makes a great toy and what the cool teens are talking about in Fantasy!

Meet Digi O'Neil, a toy maker searching for her first hit product on the market!

Bet you didn't know what KB Toys stood for, did you?

Jun 9, 2018

Greetings Junior Wizards!

This week, we take Tess from RPG Casts' incredible prompt and BLAST OFF TO THE STARS:

"A renegade biologist steals a spaceship to discover new alien life-forms on their own."

On a planet called Pitstop, in the ruins of an alien temple, there hides the secret to a long-dead civilization... and...

May 30, 2018

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, Senior Wizards talk nothing but world-building!

Landscapes, cultures, character classes, you name it! If you've ever wanted to know more about the world of Fantasy, let this be your guide!


May 21, 2018

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, join Aaron and Jeff for the tale of Bural Smazoney!

Paint that captures a memory can be yours at the great mountain, you just have to wait.