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All My Fantasy Children

Mar 23, 2018

While Aaron is out on vacation, Jeff gets BACK ON HIS BULLSHIT with a superheroic solo episode!

In the wake of the Incursion of the Nano-mind, the heroes of Mannheim, PA, are scattered to the winds--some fallen, some injured, some retired, some recovering.

But, just when all hope seems lost, a new generation of...

Mar 13, 2018

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, with help from @MuscularPikachu, generations are born!


Feb 27, 2018

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

This week, thanks to a prompt from @studentaffairsy, Jeff and Aaron are able to tackle some important questions about Fantasy.

Where do Wizards train in magick?

Who opened the  "Wizard Academy"?

Is Jeff the tough one or the sensitive one?

Meet Jen Astral. The librarian with the answers to all of...

Feb 16, 2018

Welcome, Junior Wizard!

Geode, the mountain city resting above the heart of the Yellow Leyline.

Not much has been known about its structure or history, until now.

Dig Newearth, Archaeologist, Monk, Historian.

Feb 8, 2018

Welcome, Junior Wizards!

Ever wonder about the history of Purithra Guild and the Halflings of Fantasy?

New to AMFC and want to learn a bit about our world?

Meet Sprout Brussels, the Druid who will provide you with everything you need.